Being and connecting real people, to a real God in real life.


• We're evangelical. We love the Bible as it bears witness to God's revelation in Jesus Christ. It invites us into the story of God and the world. It guides us in how we should seek to live our lives and has so much to say about what it is to be human and how we should do life together: with God and with each other.

• We're evangelical. So we just can't keep quiet about it.

We are a Congregational Church:

Without boring you with details we are part of the Congregational Federation.

Our churches believe that church should be governed by its members, with Christ as its head. Therefore we meet as church under the guidance of the Holy Spirit to seeking the 'mind of Christ' in the decisions we make. Neither the minister, Pastor, deacons or any one person has any more say in its decisions that the collective church meeting.

Of course we listen, discern and accept guidance but the church meeting make final decisions not individual people or groups.

We are a registered Fairtrade Church.

Our Church

We are a growing church, that assures everyone of a warm welcome…just see our visitor’s book.

As a church we want to model Jesus words to serve. We want to listen to our community and serve it as best we can. Our vision statement reflects this “Being and connecting real people, to a real God in real life.”

If having read this, you are even mildly interested, indeed if you don’t agree and want to discuss it, please feel free to get in touch. Please use the contact page, follow us on Facebook or pop into any of our events or services. Services are 10.30am each Sunday.

We don’t say we have, know or even understand all the answers to all the questions, just that we want to journey together seeking more of them.

God can do immeasurably more than we can dream or imagine.

Corfe Castle Evangelical Congregational Church sounds a mouthful, but in reality, we know the word that often stands out is evangelical. It is so easily misunderstood, indeed misrepresented. So this is why we are evangelical, what we believe.

Things in life people are passionate about they often want to share, in appropriate ways, with others. Well we are evangelical because we are passionate, about God, about the Church, about the Bible.

The basics of our faith are:

• We believe in the one true God who lives eternally in three persons – the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit (the Trinity).

• We believe that God the Father revealed His nature and love to us through His Son Jesus.

• Jesus was born of the Virgin Mary and lived on earth as fully God and fully human. He lived a faultless life and died to rescue us from the things we all do wrong.

• Jesus rose from the dead so that through Him we might have a relationship with the Father again.

• We believe Jesus promise that He will return again.

• We believe that God is with us and empowers us by His Holy Spirit.

• We believe the authority for life is the Bible, the inspired Word of God. We believe that it is God’s handbook for living and so we seek to shape our lives by its teaching and by its subject – Jesus. Although the Bible does not tell us all we might like to know, it does tell us what we need to know so that we can become right with God.

We are evangelical because:

• We've decided to live our lives with Jesus – the saviour of the world and son of God – at the centre.

• We humbly and lovingly believe that the best thing for our families, friends, neighbours, nation and world is that we live our lives with Jesus too.

• We humbly and lovingly believe that the best thing for our families, friends, neighbours, nation and world is that they live their lives with Jesus too.